Rely On Our Radiator Repair Service in Shippensburg, PA

What’s the purpose of a radiator?

Your radiator is vital to your vehicle’s ability to function. Its primary purpose is temperature regulation. When your engine is running, it’s producing heat. If it gets too hot, it’ll malfunction, which could lead to complete engine failure and other expensive repairs.

Your car is designed to prevent overheating. It does this by pushing antifreeze through the radiator to keep your engine at the proper internal temperature.

If you believe your car needs radiator service in Shippensburg, PA, call Dettwiler Brothers Repair at 717-530-7555, or stop by our auto repair shop today.

Signs you need radiator repairs in Shippensburg, PA

Signs you need radiator repairs in Shippensburg, PA

When your radiator functions correctly, your vehicle will run smoothly. If it malfunctions, your engine will suffer. To prevent expensive repairs, bring your car to Dettwiler Brothers Repair if your radiator is failing. Here are three symptoms to watch for:

  • Your car is leaking coolant.
  • Your vehicle is continually overheating.
  • You see radiator sludge after a coolant flush.
If you see any of these signs, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop ASAP for radiator service in Shippensburg, PA. Let our team diagnose the problem and fix your radiator before a significant problem occurs.